Pipe collapse spurs road shutdown, rail service temporarily suspended

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A sanitary sewer collapse along 17th Street North near Broadway street has forced the road to be shut down and a railway to suspend usage of a specific section of tracks.

According to the agenda for the Wichita city council, the public works department was performing inspections of an 8-inch sanitary sewer that runs between Mosley and Mead on February 28, 2018, and found the clay pipe had collapsed.

A railway that runs north over 17th Street had suspended services along that section of the track because of fears the collapsed pipe could have allowed waste water to wash away the foundation of the tracks.

“It was discovered that there was a broken section of pipe with a large void underneath the railroad tracks,” a memo from a Wichita city engineer read.

After some repairs, the railroad tracks were back in operation two days later; 17th Street was still shut down on Monday evening, with detours routing traffic to 13th Street.

It is reported that no major disruptions were caused by the suspension of the railroad tracks.

The city manager received an estimated bill of $75,000 for repairs.

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