Brewer family: DCF displayed 'atrocious abuse of power'

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Evan Brewer Evan Brewer
Stephen Bodine (left) and Miranda Miller are held on suspicion of first-degree murder in the death of Evan Brewer. Stephen Bodine (left) and Miranda Miller are held on suspicion of first-degree murder in the death of Evan Brewer.

In documents released to Evan Brewer’s family from the Kansas Department of Children and Families, investigators had been called to investigate the 3-year-old’s well being numerous times but never pursued removing the child.

The family said in a meeting Friday with Secretary Gina Meier-Hummell, the department apologized for mistakes made including forged reports in the case. While the department didn’t go into specific detail about repercussions, in a release, a DCF spokesperson said the agency has hired an outside review to assist in a restructuring plan.

Brewer’s family are now calling for additional changes and transparency in the process.

“I truly believe that once we're in federal court, that this is going to be viewed as an atrocious abuse of their power,” said Shayla Johnston, a relative of the Brewer’s and an attorney. “I don't think anybody involved in this case thinks we're not going to sue DCF.“

Court transcript shows attempt to save Evan Brewer

Document sheds light on death of Evan Brewer and apparent cover-up

The documents reveal that investigators had received several complaints and concerns from witnesses about the welfare of the child. Johnston believes the documents were altered so the investigator could cover tracks of their missteps. The boy’s father, Carlo Brewer, had made several complaints after fearing his son was in danger.

Among the reports received, there were concerns that the boy’s mother and her boyfriend, Miranda Miller and Stephen Bodine, were frequent users of meth. There were also fears the boy had been choked and was resuscitated after CPR was administered.

In another instance, welfare checks were attempted at the boy's Wichita home but Miranda Miller was reported to not have allowed access to the home. Family members also claim she was seen on video purchasing concrete supplies three months before the boy's death.  Despite these concerns, he was never

He was found naked on a concrete floor, his hands were tied behind his back and a belt was tied around his neck.

Miller and Bodine both remain in jail, but in jailhouse interviews last year, told KAKE News that they had no role in the boy's death.

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