Wink Hartman offers arena use to NRA

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Wink Hartman has offered use of his Park City arena to the National Rifle Association after Secretary of State Kris Kobach urged the organization to bring its annual convention to Kansas.

The Kansas City Star reports that Republican gubernatorial candidate Kobach tweeted over the weekend that he's reached out to the NRA to urge the group to bring the gathering to Kansas.

Wink Hartman said Tuesday on Twitter, "Today, I offered the National Rife Association the use of Hartman Arena for their national conference and future events. We cannot stand by as the liberal anti-second amendment groups mobilize to disarm law-abiding Americans."

It wasn't immediately clear if the NRA responded to his offer.

Wink Hartman suspends campaign, endorses Kobach

Kobach earlier tweeted that "Kansas is the most pro-gun state in America."

This year's NRA Annual Meeting of Members is being held May 5 in Dallas. But the city's mayor pro tem said last week that the organization should reconsider coming to Dallas after the Feb. 14 deadly mass shooting at a Florida high school.

Kobach wrote in a column last week advocating for arming teachers "provided they obtain a concealed carry permit and take appropriate training."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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