New, local program cracks down on teenage drivers not wearing seat belts

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The Sedgwick County Police department is participating in a safety effort that will encourage teen drivers to wear seat belts.

'Seat Belts are for Everyone' is a new program that is cracking down on teen drivers not wearing seat belts while driving.

"The goal behind the program is to try and reduce injuries and fatalities due to people forgetting something very simple- buckling up" says sergeant Justin Maxfield.

In 2015 there were 14 teenage drivers to and from high school involved in fatality accidents, 40% of those were not wearing seat belts properly.

Maxfield says that the goal behind the program is not to write tickets, but to ensure that kids are wearing seat belts, wearing them properly and ultimately to save lives.

Kansas law requires all occupants of a passenger vehicle carrying fewer than ten passengers to be restrained.

 "For the next 2 weeks it's gonna be zero tolerance for any seat belt violations in the vehicle that's stopped, whether it's the driver or other passengers" Maxfield said.

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