City of Wichita warns of potholes in the streets after recent winter weather

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As the ice melts, a new challenge appears for drivers.

“It’s just unfortunately something we have to deal with here in Kansas,” Wichita resident, Genai Heyer said.

The back and forth cold and warm weather really takes a toll on the roads. The City of Wichita’s Public Works and Utilities said potholes are what drivers need to now look out for.

“After we have a snow and ice even like we had recently, we end up with an awful lot of potholes that are developed because of the freeze/thaw cycle of the water freezing at night, thawing during the day, getting down into the pavement and so we’ve been out patching a lot of potholes,” Deputy Director of Wichita Public Works and Utilities, Joe Pajor said.

The city said it can be bad for your vehicle if you drive over a large enough pothole.

“You’re going to potentially damage your vehicle, either the tire or the alignment, and that's obviously not a good thing. We’ve had four crews out today, for example, and each one of those crews will be able to address about 100 potholes during the course of a work day,” Pajor said.

Not only do drivers have to worry about potholes in the street but bicyclists also have to be especially careful.

“With biking it actually gets dangerous. If you hit into that pothole, you could lose control of your bike, if you crash you could break a wheel and then also it could cause major damage to yourself too,” Heyer said.

If you can't avoid a pothole, it’s best to slow down before you hit it and be careful when driving over a puddle of water because it might be a pothole in hiding.

You can report a dangerous pothole to Wichita Public Works and Utilities directly by calling (316) 268-4013 or by visiting their website.

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