High school swimmers complete final laps for Make a Wish

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It’s the last few laps in a marathon of a weekend.

“Oh, it’s hard,” Campus swimmer, Blake Chadd said. “It’s hard but I do look forward to it,” teammate, Daine Crum said.

The high school swimmers have been swimming in around the clock shifts since Friday, with little to no sleep.

They’re swimming to raise money for Make A Wish recipients just like 10-year-old Andi Ozbun.

“Andi was born at 29 weeks, so she was 12 weeks early. She weighed 2 pounds, 12 ounces and after we had her, the day after we found out she had several heart conditions,” Andi’s mom, Amie Ozbun said

Make A Wish is completely donor funded, meaning they can only grant wishes when funds are available.

“As quickly as we raise money, we’re able to grant wishes and we currently have over 150 kids that are waiting on a wish here in Kansas and I think that’s something that our Kansas community needs to be aware of,” President and CEO of Kansas Make A Wish chapter, LeAnne Miller said.

That’s why Campus swim coach Kelly Kennedy started the Swim To A Wish fundraiser.

“It is important for me because I’ve lived it but the best part of this is our high school kids that swim the 20 miles each, when they get to meet the Wish kids that they’re doing this for, that gives them a purpose,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy’s daughter, Aubrey, was a Make A Wish recipient herself.

“I remember being in the hospital and I remember going to Disney World and feeling like I was a big deal. They made me into a princess and stuff so it was cool after going through that and having a big deal afterwards that was fun after something that wasn’t so fun,” Aubrey Kennedy said.

And seeing the Make A Wish recipients that these swimmers are putting in all their hard work for is what makes it all worth it. All the way to the last lap.

Swim To A Wish has not met their $75,000 goal yet. To help them out you can donate on their website.

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