More winter weather hitting Wichita

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Sleet and freezing rain are all the makings for disastrous driving conditions.

 “The weather, you know, it’s Kansas,” Wichita resident, Jerry Caddell said.

With a potential for more winter weather, the city is now reminding drivers to use caution when there is chance of ice on the roads

“It just takes us about 6 hours or so to get through the routes that we have and during that time, you can have streets that are a little bit trickier to navigate on,” Director of Wichita Public Works and Utilities, Alan King said.

Wichita Public Works said this type of weather event is the most difficult to respond to. They have all 60 snow trucks out to laying salt and sand on the roads to get them in good condition.

But that didn’t keep some Wichita residents from getting out and braving the streets.

 “Don’t wanna, you know, just stay at home and sit there so here we are,” Caddell said.

The city said that if you have to get out in this weather, you need to be safe and prepared.

“Be aware that even sometimes when the road looks bare, there may be ice on it. Black ice, and you may not realize you’re on ice so just be particularly careful while we’re having these low temperatures,” King said.

Other tips include keeping more distance between you and the car in front of you, turning off your cruise control and keeping your gas tank half full to keep your gas line from freezing.

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