Wink Hartman suspends campaign, endorses Kobach

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Wichita businessman Wink Hartman is ending his campaign for governor and endorsing Kris Kobach.

   The Kansas City Star reports Hartman said Wednesday he decided during the Kansas GOP convention last weekend. He said his main goal is making the party's conservative platform into policy to improve Kansas.

   Hartman, head of Hartman Oil Co., says he is endorsing Kobach because the secretary of state is a fighter who will not back down from a fight for conservative principles.

   Kobach is running against Gov. Jeff Colyer and several others for the GOP nomination in the gubernatorial race.

   When asked whether he is interested in being lieutenant governor, Hartman said he would serve in any way Kobach asks him to.

   Kobach said Wednesday that he is honored to have Hartman's support

Dear Friends,

Libba and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unwavering support during this campaign. We are truly humbled by the encouragement of so many Kansans from all walks of life from every corner of the state. 

Over the weekend I - along with the Republican candidates for Governor - stood on the debate stage to outline a vision for Kansas. I'm proud of our values, and our stand for efficient, effective government. I presented that vision to thunderous applause from over 800 Republicans in attendance Saturday night.

But I also listened. I listened to the other candidates and I quickly came to the conclusion that I could be the spoiler in this race for the conservative values we hold so dear. I've always said this race isn't about me or my resume - it's about taking our conservative platform and making it into policy to improve the lives of all Kansans.

That is why today I am suspending my campaign for Governor of the great state of Kansas. 

Over the past few months traveling the state, Libba and I have come to know Kris Kobach and his beautiful family. The Kris Kobach that I now know is not the Kris Kobach that is maligned by liberal Kansas media. He is a fighter, and for that he takes a lot of arrows, but he does not back down from the fight for our principles. 

Standing on the stage Saturday night, I listened, and I heard a candidate speaking for me and for the conservative movement. That is why today I am endorsing Kris Kobach for Kansas Governor.

We can't keep going along the path we are on. Higher taxes, bloated government, poor service, and an out-of-touch governor who won't take a stand on the issues most important to Republicans.

I encourage you to support Kris and his family as he fights for us and for the Republican nomination for Governor. 

Thank you again for your kindness and support throughout this race. 

Wink Hartman

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