WSU considers adding more security cameras

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The Wichita State University Student Government Association is considering a proposal to partially pay for 30 additional security cameras.

"People really expect there to be cameras more so than are surprised that they exist. It's more of an expectation anymore," said Capt. Corey Herl, WSU Police Dept.

Currently, there are about 170 security cameras around campus and video is kept for at least 30 days.

The 30 additional camera units would be installed on top of the 30 emergency call boxes.

"I think they're very important, especially with the police department keeping an eye, monitoring things. As I said, you can never be too safe," said Colton Russell, student.

"When there are things that happen on campus, it's always good to have extra eyes on the campus. And then, there are also privacy issues that could arise, but I think overall, it might be a good thing," said Randy Barbour, student.

The additional cameras would cost about $3,000 per unit. Each unit would consists of 4 lenses, which would provide 360-views.

These cameras start recording once motion has been detected but they are not monitored around the clock.

"Dispatch, they have access to these cameras and they can view these live, which is done incident based, if we have an issue we can go back," said Herl.

The WSU SGA will consider providing $45,000, or half the cost, for the 30 cameras. 

"We believe that it has always been and continues to be a priority for students to have cameras on campus. We saw this as our opportunity. It’ll be paid, if approved by the committee, out of the SGA reserves," said WSU SGA President Paige Hungate.

To find the location of the emergency call boxes, click here. (Note: The map has not yet been updated with the additional boxes on the Innovation Campus)

To contact the University Police Department, call (316) 978-3450.

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