Ark City PD ditch cruisers, start walking to prevent crime

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Residents in one Arkansas City neighborhood are seeing much more police activity in their neighborhood and that is in part because of increasing crime.

Arkansas City Police Lieutenant Eric Burr says that people living near 10th and Birch have been making more reports of theft over the past two months.

Officers responded in a proactive way by walking door-to-door, in an effort to let the residents know of the increasing crime trend.

“Face-to-face contact is really the best way to do that because we can actually answer questions that our citizens have,” Lt. Burr said. “We create that bond and that trust, that we are out talking about those problems.”

Police are telling people to make sure their cars are locked up, their valuables are out of sight and their homes are secured. Officers are also handing out fliers to residents as a reminder.

“We've seen a decreased call load, so far,” Lt. Burr said. Time will tell if the Arkansas City Police Departments efforts to curb crime worked.

Residents living in the northeast Ark City neighborhood say it is nice to see officers being proactive.

“It’s good that we have cops that are worried about our community and want us to be safe,” said resident Dax Shaw. “It's really reassuring that they came by and let us in on that.”

Lt. Burr says officers have had direct contact with people living in 93 homes about the thefts. Officers have since increased patrols of that area. 

Arkansas City Police arrested two people suspected of burglaries Tuesday afternoon in another part of town. Investigators are looking to see if these suspects could be related to other crimes.

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