Vincent brothers helping Eisenhower roll through regular season

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Brotherhood comes with the territory for the Eisenhower Tigers.

"It feels really good because I've been playing with some of these guys since 7th grade," senior guard Dylan Vincent said.

EHS basketball is a well-oiled machine. These guys have spent their days near or at the top of the rankings all season long.

"We know all of our strengths and weaknesses and we know our favorite spots on the court and we can just make eye contact and we know a lot of the things that we're gonna do," Vincent added.

As the team plays like a group of brothers, two of them actually are.

"It's super fun," Vincent said. "It's a dream come true playing with my brother. We've been looking forward to this since we've been growing up together."

Dylan is a senior leader for the Tigers, his younger brother Jordan is a sophomore sensation.

"When we're not playing school ball we work out here almost every school day for about two hours and when we're playing with these guys we have really good chemistry," Jordan said.

"He's pretty much like my best friend. We hang out outside of basketball all the time. We're always with each other, share the same interests. We're pretty much the same person he just has different hair," Dylan added.

They know each other's strong points, weak points and that makes a coach's job pretty easy.

"Those two guys have played so much basketball, they've got an extremely high basketball IQ. The fact that they've played together so long they know where each other's at on the court, they're both great defenders on top of being great kids overall, so it's a joy to coach them," head coach Stephen Blue added.

These two only have a few weeks left together on the high school hardwood as Dylan is set to graduate this May, but don't be surprised if we see the Vincent brothers teaming up again someday at the next level.

"I'd play with him every year if I could. It's a great connection out there and if he goes to a four year straight out, I hope he does, and I hope it's the same one I go to," Dylan concluded.

Class 5A's No. 1 Tigers host Maize South on Tuesday night.