Local company used for crime scene clean-up now tackling flu disinfection

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With the flu hitting Wichita hard a local industrial clean-up company is trying to help fight the bug.

Mark Elpers with Steri-Clean usually spends his time on different areas.

"Specialty is crime scene and trauma and then we also clean for hoarding,” he said.

He’s now taking his clean up skills to flu-infected spaces.

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He uses a special machine that emits a fog that disperses throughout a room.

He said, "When this product is being sprayed it is pressurizing the room. it forces the disinfectant in every possible place."

The spraying usually lasts about 30 minutes or longer depending on the size of the room. After the spraying is done employees then do another treatment. 

"Immediately after this process we are going to electrostatic gun and will put down a barrier and that gives us a minimum of three months protection so that if someone does come into the room with the flu it is protected."

KAKE News wanted to see just how many germs Steri-Clean could detect on a small scale, so we had them test our phone.

In just seconds, we get a reading from a device that detects living cells, like germs. The device read a 436.

Luke Elpers said, "That's pretty dirty. I'm not saying you have the flu or anything but this is living organisms on your phone right now. The Food and Health Administration say anything below 40 in a restaurant is good."

After Elpers used their sanitizing product on the phone, it was swabbed again. The device read 14, which is considered good.

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