Northwest's Marcus Hicks is enjoying the ride of big time college recruiting

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To say that Northwest junior Marcus Hicks is a hot recruit is an understatement.

The Class of 2019 defensive end has nearly 20 offers already from schools like Oklahoma, Texas, Notre Dame, Michigan and K-State. As his recruitment continues to pick up, he’s not alone.

"A lot of them say that I'll be a perfect fit in their defense and a some of them say they'll prepare me for a life after football, which I want to be ready for because I know that football's not going to last forever,” the 6-5 four-star recruit said.

You can credit that mindset to a great influence, his father Kelvin, who has spent the last year driving his son across the country.

"He's made a huge impact on me. It's crazy because he's been helping me ever since I started playing football in the fourth grade. I continue to listen to him, he's been giving me advice and he hasn't let me down,” Marcus added.

"I've always known he had something special, I just didn't know what it was. I said when he finds out what his passion is, he's going to be pretty spectacular at something,” Kelvin said.

The time the two have spent together on the road has been special for both father and son.

"It's an amazing ride. It's just like sitting in the front seat of a rocket ship going to outer space. You get this view that not many people get to see,” Kelvin added.

But while the elder Hicks is heavily involved in the process, he won’t be making the decision for his son.

"He gets to be selfish in that this is his decision. Don't make it for me or anybody else, but make it for yourself."

"It'll definitely be hard to narrow it down, but it all comes down to for me relationships, because I just want to have the best relationships that I can,” Marcus concluded.

Marcus is also a star wrestler at Northwest High School and a standout in track throwing the shot-put and discus.