Newman University professor, mother, dies suddenly

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At a chapel at Newman University, students and colleagues of Suzanne Berg turned to prayer. They learned of her death yesterday, and a prayer service at the chapel was one of several events to commemorate her life.

"She was just honest and fun and happy and loud," Courtney Klaus said. "I thought it can't be the 36-year-old Dr. Berg who I felt I just saw on campus yesterday, waving with a big smile on her face."

The communications professor had emailed students Monday morning, complaining of a sinus infection. A day later she was gone.

Since then, tributes and fundraisers have been planned for the professor, who leaves behind two children and a husband. Students past and present gathered together to remember Berg.

"We saw her graduates come back today," said Dr. Kimberly Long, Newman University Provost and Vice President. "Not even active students but graduates came back to say goodbye."

That goodbye will be tough, some of the youngest Newman students haven't lost someone they knew so suddenly. Counseling teams will be at Newman offering their services to students and other staff members.

"This is the first, probably, time in my life where somebody I felt like I knew well... is just gone," Klaus said.

Other faculty will take over Berg's remaining classes through the end of the semester, and students she advised have also been assigned new instructors to serve in that role.

A Newman spokesman said Berg died of natural causes.

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