"Dreamers" fear what will happen to DACA during a government shutdown

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Edna Rios has called Wichita, Kansas home for more than a decade. She and her family left Mexico hoping to find more opportunities.

She said, “I did my high school here, I graduated from WSU with my bachelors in nursing.”

She's currently a DACA recipient, and like many Dreamers, she's concerned what's next for her.

Rios said, “They don't want to give us a clean Dream Act. Which is scary because it's not something I want to take.”

Last September, President Donald Trump announced he was ending DACA, meaning recipients would lose their protection and be subjected to deportation beginning March 5th.

Now Trump has threatened a government shutdown if Democrats don't agree to his immigration reform plans. Those plans include funding for a border wall, citizenship for 1.8 million "Dreamers" eligible for protection under DACA, and an end to policies that offer visas through a lottery system.

President Trump said, "I would shut it down over this issue,”

Local immigration attorney, Carlos Nolla, says he feels the panic of his clients.

"We have no idea what kind of immigration reform is going to take place," Nolla says. "I'm just as terrified as they are because right now we are just driving in the dark with no headlights.”

Local Dreamers who gathered just last month say they'll continue to fight for their rights to stay in this country.

Rios said, “This fear, right now, my DACA doesn't expire until next year but what's going to happen? It's a big fear I could be deported and sent back home.”

Nolla says the best advice he has for any DACA recipients who fear deportation is to consult with an immigration attorney immediately.

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