Puerto Rican couple gifted new car after relocating to Wichita

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After losing nearly everything they own to Hurricane Maria, Milagros Galindez and Angel Baez can finally start to rebuild.

"They sat in water. She had the baby three days after the hurricane. They sat in water,” Milagros’ sister, Kelsye Ortiz said.

With help from Milagros' sister Kelsye, the couple and their two young children hopped on a plane to Wichita to start a new life.

"I'm glad that they made the choice to come out here. I think that it was, now I know that it was meant to be,” Ortiz said.

They enrolled their son Jael in school at cloud elementary, and that's how Jael's teacher, Roxanne Murillo, learned of their struggles.

"I received a student straight from Puerto Rico whose family had lost everything in the hurricane,” Roxanne Murillo said.

Roxanne and her husband, Nicolas, knew they had to help. They were in the market to buy a new car so instead of trading in their old one, they chose to give it to Milagros and Angel, without having met them.

 “We kind of just decided that this car was meant to be a gift to this family who was in desperate need,” Roxanne said.

"It was amazing, I mean it's definitely a moment that takes your breath away and gives you the goosebumps,” Nicolas Murillo said.

And the family couldn't be more grateful.

"She says the only word that she can really use is feeling blessed,” Ortiz said.

A GoFundMe page was started to help raise funds to get work done on the couple’s new car.

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