Sen. Moran, "Dreamer", meet at Town Hall meeting

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Carolina Arango has been trying for months to meet with Senator Jerry Moran, to ask him where he stands on immigration.  Arango and six thousand Kansas DACA recipients are worried what will happen to them and their families.  They're uncertain if a new bill will allow them to stay in the U.S. or be deported.  "I'm not losing hope but things have been changing constantly, so i'm not losing hope but it's hard," Arango said.

Immigration was one of the issues discussed at Senator Moran's Town Hall meeting at the Textron Activity Center Wednesday morning.  "The President has indicated his support for citizenship," Sen. Moran said.  "I think that creates problem in getting a bill passed.  We are going to work to try and find a legal status for people who are here under the DACA circumstance." 

Arango did get a few minutes to share her story with Senator Moran,  but she's tired of talking.  "I don't want promises anymore.  We've been full of promises since the Dream Act came out in 2001, so we really hope he does stand up for families in Kansas."

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