Wichita CBD oil shop remains open despite attorney general's statement

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An opinion released by the Kansas attorney general's office has CBD customers scrambling and stores that sell it threatening to go to court.  

While the sale of marijuana is illegal in the state, CBD comes from hemp oil and isn't included in the law -- at least not yet. 

There was word that American Shaman on East Central closed its doors because of the ruling. The owners said that's not the case, but the AG's opinion is creating drama. 

Attorney General Derek Schmidt wants these types of shop to close for good, but customers like Jacklynn Johnson are relieved they're still open.

"I'm only 22 and the doctors wanted to put me on all kinds of opioids, narcotics," she said. 

Johnson survived a car accident and claims CBD oil helps with the anxiety from which she still suffers. She even buys the oil for her dog who suffers from seizures. 

"It was to the point ... we seriously thought we'd have to put our dog down," Johnson said. "He was unconscious from the seizures."

CBD sales are booming in Kansas. American Shaman manager Mary Ware is constantly taking calls, especially now that Schmidt calls their business illegal.

"It doesn't make sense," Ware said. "Our products are not marijuana. Our products have no THC in them."

The business opened it's doors last October and hasn't had a problem until the attorney general weighed in

In a statement from Schmidt's office last week, he called it "unlawful to possess or sell products or substances containing any amount of cannabidiol." The Legislature is also taking up a bill to ban the sales altogether. 

But Ware insists they're following federal guidelines, specifically with its THC content. 

"It's as close to zero as it's possible to get. The federal guidelines as far as my understanding is that it's okay to be 0.3 percent. Ours is way, way below that." 

Attorney's for Ware are filing a federal injunction, so the federal government may have the final say.

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