Flu closes schools, businesses

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The flu has closed schools across Kansas, and now it’s striking businesses too. Verita Coffee Shop announced Friday that most of his employees were sick, so the shop would be closed over the weekend to give everyone a chance to rest.

"When I realized we were all getting sick we made the decision together to shut down the shop for the weekend. To let the employees rest and so that we weren’t a breeding ground to spread the flu,” co-owner Jon Jones wrote in a Facebook message.

“This flu season is bad enough for everyone, and we don’t want to make it worse,”Jones said in the post.

Flu or bugs have struck plenty of families, including Randi Ludwig’s. She and her children have fallen ill to something this past week.

"It was rough it took me down fast,” she said. “"The third and final child is trying to come down with it tonight. So that should hopefully be out last round."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts this will be the worst flu season in more than a decade. This week, alone, the agency reported seven children died from the flu, bringing the season’s totals to 37. Adult flu cases aren’t tracked as closely.

Between the news from the CDC and news of some school closings, parents are taking the flu seriously. Some even wonder at one point to skip the doctor and go to the emergency room. One local doctor doesn’t recommend it.

Don't go to the ER unless you're feeling absolutely horrible or your doctor sends you there,” said Dr. Neal Secrist with New Medical Health Care. “Otherwise you're spreading it."

The only state to avoid the flu has been Hawaii. The CDC reported there was some sign of weakening among coastal populations, but the peak season may not have even hit yet.

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