WPD has new training, less-lethal weapons

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The Wichita Police Department is requesting additional less-lethal weapons and new training on the use of force.

Starting this fall, the department will start to train officers on a new T3 system of Tact, Tactics, and Trust.

"Felt like those three pieces really give us a good universal look at how to manage de-escalation but also manage good relationships," said Capt. Brian White, training commander for the Wichita Police Dept.

The T3 system by Polis Solutions aims to integrate "social interaction, officer safety, and community policing skills into a single, holistic program." 

All of the 660 commissioned staff of the department will be trained in the T3 system.

"Talking to people is the key. That was a really important piece for us, for the T3 training," said White.

Along with the new training, additional less-lethal weapons have been ordered for the department.

Currently, the department has 30 bean bag shotguns and 16 40mm foam launchers. The launchers were introduced in March 2017 and already, an additional eight launchers have been ordered.

"What we're always looking at is how to avoid using any of these weapon systems. We want to be able to talk our way through a situation and resolve it without using any force," said White.

White emphasizes the use of communication as the key to de-escalating situations.

"That's the first thing that we teach our folks is how to talk to folks and how to talk things down," he said.

New officers are required to attend a 24-week academy and are annually trained on various subjects, including implicit bias training

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