Tabor swim team helps comfort their coach

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Four years ago Nate Duell made his way to Tabor College launching a new swimming program.

The Blue Jays have since splashed and stroked their way to a couple of national Top 20 finishes. They have needed their coach and now their coach needs them

"It's very difficult, obviously I've never had to deal with this." Duell said. "Part of my professional job was kind of knowing the right things to say and I was in a position where I had no idea."

Nate's wife, Cara, was diagnosed with breast cancer just last month. This happening right in the middle of swimming season. She has since lost her hair because of chemotherapy and that is when the swim team stepped in.

"You know we thought about it all day and then on the way back home we all decided it was something we wanted to do and that it would show support to her, let her know that we're here for her and that she means a lot to us and this is what we could do to kind of show her that it's OK," sophomore swimmer Danny Smith said.

After seeing Cara without her hair, they decided to lose theirs. They shaved their heads, put on hoodies and went over to the Duell's house.

"We just, we went over, we took off our hoods and she smiled and then didn't have any words to say to us she was just blown away, it was a nice heart warming moment, made us so happy," Smith added.

A surprise, her favorite candy, roses and a stuffed penguin, but none of those gifts even close to their biggest one.

"They've given me a lot of grace to be distracted, they have allowed me to hurt a little bit in front of him and ask questions and they've supported me and they've obviously supported my wife and family as well," Duell said. "They're doing it because it's their way of supporting Cara and honoring her and I think that's what makes it extra special because it's not about them, it's just about that gift that they've given to her."

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