Police: Shooting report in Kansas was a hoax

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Police say a report of a shooting that led to police swarming an Overland Park home on Monday turned out to be a hoax.

The incident happened in the 10400 block of West 131st Street. Police say someone called in to report a shooting, and officers became involved in a standoff with a potential suspect in the home. 

KMBC reports a man inside the home reportedly told officers he shot a relative and threatened to shoot police officers who approached.

'Swatting' suspect charged with involuntary manslaughter

Others involved in Wichita 'swatting' case, police chief says

A father and his two sons were in the home. Once officers began speaking with someone inside, they determined the shooting incident was a hoax.

The boys inside the home claimed they did not make the call. This incident remains under investigation.

The incident comes just weeks after a Wichita man was fatally shot by a police officer following a hoax 911 call. A man from Los Angles is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

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