Wins For Kansas: Embrace

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Bringing a child into the world can be challenging, especially if the timing is less than perfect.

Jeremy and Courtney weren't sure they were going to go through with the pregnancy until six months before the child was born.  Unable to afford the basics and struggling with their situation, the couple needed help.  Embrace, a Wichita non-profit, stepped in to help.

Embrace offers care and counseling for parents, as well as pregnancy and STD testing.

"When you have someone that's in that place in their life they really want to know that they're number one receiving excellent care, also that someone really cares about them and takes time to really hear what's going on in there life," Tim Quiggle, executive director of Embrace, said.

The non-profit has had to turn away families in need because it operates solely on donations, and sometimes, there's just not enough to go around.

Embrace was honored by DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers with a $500 Wins for Kansas grant.