Animal control, pet organizations receiving many welfare check calls

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Wichita Animal Control has been bombarded with calls to help pets from freezing during this cold snap.

Lt. Brian Sigman says, “we were averaging anywhere from 20 to 30 calls in a day. People were calling and concerned about pets being left outside."

While Sigman says this time of year is considered its slow season. Sigman also says there have been a number of pets being left in its overnight drop box, "that stays full a lot. That happens overnight and when we come in in the mornings it's full."

The Wichita Animal Shelter have had its hands full with the calls, Sigman says it depends on organizations like Wichita Animal Action League (WAAL) for help.  

Tess Goodman with WAAL said, "I've responded to probably around 8 this week. We usually get one to two welfare checks a week."

WAAL has been helping pet owners keep their furry friends warm by giving out dog houses, straw for bedding and even food for free to those who call and need assistance.

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