KAKE photojournalist nearly hit by suspect on the run from police

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KAKE Photojournalist Nolan Roth was heading home from work early this morning. His dash camera was recording like usual.

Just as the light turned green at Central and West Street, Roth's day quickly changed. His dash camera caught a silver truck barreling through the intersection.

He said, "I almost got hit by the truck that police were chasing after."

Investigators say the truck seen flying through the intersection was stolen and the driver had fired shots at police and was on the run.

The chase started near Gilda and Central and ended Maple and Maize. The suspect was arrested after the chase. Witnesses say cars were flying at what like 100 mph.

The suspect suffered a gunshot wound to the jaw and was hospitalized in stable condition. 

Man shot in the jaw after allegedly firing at Wichita officers during pursuit

Roth said he never thought his dash cam would catch a crime in action and he feels fortunate no one was hurt, "I'm just lucky that I saw it when I saw it because if I would have kept going my car would have been gone and I would probably be in the hospital right now."

Police identified the suspect as 21-year-old Elijah Martinez. Last month, Wichita police asked for help in finding him and two other burglary suspects. He's the subject of pending charges and has also served probation for two counts of burglary.

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