Snow blankets northern Kansas

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One of the year's big signs that winter is upon us covered the city of Salina on Tuesday, leaving residents with some unexpected chores.

Cindy Wells spent most of the morning clearing snow off of her driveway and sidewalk. Like Cindy, the snowfall was a pleasant surprise for most people.

“Just trying to clear off the first significant snowfall of the season!," she said, "It’s really light and fluffy. It’s the perfect snowfall.”

"I was surprised," said traveler Angie Hughes. "I knew we were supposed to get some snow. I love the first three or four snows, but after that I’m done.”

Dale Dvorak, who was also traveling on Tuesday, said, “It’s kinda nice. Growing up in Nebraska and coming through Kansas, snow was a normal thing and here lately we just haven’t seen much. So it’s good to see snow again!”

As crews spent the day after Christmas clearing off roads, parking lots and sidewalks, many wondered if it was only the beginning. 

“Kinda makes me think, 'Okay, are we just getting started now with the snow and is it going to continue, or is this it and we won’t see any in the new year?'" Wells said. Who knows.”

The snowfall caused some accidents along the highways, so authorities advise drivers to be cautious. One of the accidents happened on I-70 near Abilene. Four people were killed.

4 killed in rollover crash on I-70 near Abilene

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