Chiefs' Marcus Peters hands out coats to KC kids

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On the eve of the Kansas City Chiefs' regular season home finale, cornerback Marcus Peters spent the morning handing out coats to kids in need in the Kansas City area.

Peters may be a somewhat controversial player on the field, but the defensive back has consistently shown his heart for kids off it.

Another Kansas City favorite stopped by to help out with the cause on Saturday. While Paul Rudd doesn't personally know Peters, he was moved to help out.

"I don't really know Marcus. I'm a fan of Marcus Peters," Rudd said. "But I met his agent and I had read this amazing story about Marcus and how he had bought these shoes for some kids out at Oak Park Mall. It's great, it's freezing cold outside and these are really cool coats too. It's nice, nobody should be cold and it's an amazing thing that he's doing."