Closed captioning glasses helping those with hearing loss at Regal Cinemas

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Regal Cinemas recently introduced to their Wichita theaters a new piece of technology aimed at helping people who are deaf or suffering from hearing loss go to the movies and enjoy the film.

That technology is called ‘Closed Captioning Glasses’ and the do just what their title suggests, displaying closed captioning on the glasses.

Regal Cinemas says on their website that these glasses can only be found in their theaters.

For people who have hearing-impairments or are deaf, the device allows them to go to almost any movie at any time.

“A lot of times, we had to wait...we couldn't go to the theaters to see movies wanted to see,” said Jessica Nordyke. “We had to wait for the DVDs to come out and they would have closed caption.”

For as long as Nordyke can remember, she has been deaf.

Nordyke says she came to Regal Cinemas on West 21st Street last weekend and used the glasses to watch the latest Star Wars movie. Before the glasses, the relied on special screenings of movies where closed captioning was displayed on the screen or she had her family to help.

“Growing up, I would have to depend on my mom to interpret the movies for me and that was pretty hard. Both of us wanted to watch the movie and it was just hard to do it that way,” Nordyke said.

A Regal Cinemas spokesperson says that these glasses are a ‘great advancement in technology’.

The glasses sync wirelessly to a computer that is following the script of the movie. The glasses then project the script of the movie, line by line, onto the bottom of the lens on the glasses. Regal claims that the glasses will work overtop of prescription glasses and work in 3-D. A flyer from the company says that anyone with implants that use electronic frequency should consult their doctor before using the glasses. 

“I am so happy. I have been waiting for this for so long,” Nordyke said. “We can see more movies.”

The Regal Cinemas at West 21st Street have about a dozen pairs of the glasses; one an average day, they are requested at least eight times.

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