Puppy thief caught on camera

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A woman who stole a puppy out of a Wichita family's front yard and the act was caught on camera.

Daisy is the only girl in the family's rambunctious litter of puppies. Unfortunately, Daisy's no longer keeping up with the rest of the group. She's reserved and timid, which her owner says hadn't always been the case.

"My puppy was like shaking," the dog's owner, Yadira Pena said.

Pena says she ran a quick errand Tuesday and when she returned home and counted the pups, Daisy was missing.

"So, I came inside and checked the cameras," she said.

The footage revealed a thief. We're not identifying the woman in the video because she hasn't been charged with a crime. In the security footage you see her and two other people checking out the puppies in the front yard. The three walk away, but the woman returns, tossing what Pena believes is food, used to distract the puppy's mother.

"I mean, who does that?" Pena said.

Next, the woman walks into the yard and snatches Daisy up.

"To me, dogs are like family. It's like my kid or something." Pena said.

Pena posted the footage to Facebook and it was shared dozens of times. One day later, a couple returned Daisy. Pena says the couple told her they got the dog from the woman in the video.

"They didn't know it was stolen until they saw the video," Pena said.

Pena is happy Daisy is back home where she'll stay. But she says the dog's return isn't going to keep her from pressing charges against the alleged thief, who's been identified.

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