Officers surprise unsuspecting drivers with gift cards

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The Wichita Police Department and Kwik Shop surprised drivers around Wichita with $50 gift cards.

"A lot of people are stressed out this time of year. To be able to come out and just give some random acts of kindness, to help them out through this holiday season, that means the world to me, world to the Department, to Kwik Shop. That's what it's all about, is giving back, and getting people a happier holiday season," said Sgt. Nikki Woodrow, Wichita police.

Patrol East officers chose to surprise drivers outside a clinic and church in Planeview, and gas stations in east Wichita.

"I feel kind of blessed 'cause usually I'm the one giving it and here I got this today, but it's good for my daughter," said Frank Heiman, who will be giving the gift cards to his daughter, a college student.

"Lots and lots of gas for sure. Especially being a college student, broke college kids, you know. It's definitely helpful to have this," said Kylie Branscum, college student, who will spend the gas money to make trips to visit her family this holiday break.

"Happy because sometimes my mom doesn't have any gas," said seven-year-old Santiago Reyes, whose father was moved to tears from the surprise.

In Spanish, Reyes' father said, "To gather $50 for us is very, very difficult. I didn't see this gift coming. I am very grateful."

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