The Arcade opening in Old Town

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It's the sounds that will transport people back to the 80s, when going to the arcade was all the rage.

Derek Sorrells, co-owner of The Arcade, says “This is a love of remembering the 80s. Back in the day when you would get a dollar or two from your mom or dad and you'd ride your bike to the local arcade with your buddy.”

It's those memories that pushed Sorrells to buy his first machine seven years ago. It didn't take long before his personal collection had grown to 53 machines. He says they're like Lay's potato chips.

"You can't just have one. You start with one game and it becomes another.”

He saw the happiness his games brought people and wanted to share his collection with Wichita.

He said, “We've had people trying to get in the business all day actually. We have 64 different games, most of those are arcade machines. They are everywhere from Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man, Galaga, to my favorite Track & Field. We've got pinball machines as well. Everything from the simple games that people love and enjoy. To some of the great fighting games of the early 90s, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, X-men. We have a wide range of games.”

While many arcade businesses serve alcohol, Sorrells says they're still toying with the option.

"We are absolutely looking at alcohol. We are looking at a company that does events and they have a liquor license. Look for a New Year's Eve party invitation to come out soon, which will have alcohol. And we will have alcohol on a regular basis. We just won't have it on a permanent basis at this time. It's something that we are still considering.”

The Arcade will be open from Thursday through Sunday. On Fridays and Saturdays it will stay open until 1 a.m. Unlimited play will cost just 10 dollars

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