Park City facing shortage in police officers

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The Park City Police Department is in search of candidates to fill at least three unfilled positions.

"We're actually are down by five on the streets, so we're down roughly a third of the department," said Chief Phil Bostian, citing positions where officers are either in training or on extended leave. 

The department has 17 positions and three remain open.

"What we're facing is not unique to our department. Unfortunately, law enforcement nationwide has faced difficulty with recruiting for many years now. It's just gotten worse over the last several years," said Bostian.

Officers have been working more shifts and overtime. This has resulted in officers not being able to utilize their vacation time.

On Tuesday, the Park City Council approved $8,420 in vacation hours, that cannot be carried over into 2018, to four officers.

"I'm more worried that the police officers themselves will be overworked and will not be available when we do need them," said Catherine Everingham, resident.

Bostian said the workload is getting covered but officers are getting tired.

"I think, overall, they have a positive attitude about it because they can see a light at the end of the tunnel. We're going to eventually be able to fill these positions," said Bostian.

To learn more about the requirements to work in the Park City Police Department, click here.

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