Online ticket sales soar for new Star Wars movie

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Don't expect long lines if you want to see the newest Star Wars movie on this opening weekend.

The theaters are packed, but it didn't take fans long to get in Thursday night at West Warren Theater in Wichita. Many fans came, but paid for their tickets online. 

"The story line, the all out lines of the movies. And the detail they put in the sets and the films," said Easton Harris.

Easton Harris went to see the film with his siblings and parents. His mother said she remembered Star Wars being the first movie she ever saw, and wanted to continue making memories by seeing the movie on opening night with her family. Her daughter seemed to approve.

"It's a really good tradition since all of the families gathered together and we're all having a good time," said Charlie Harris.

While long lines may not have been forming in West Wichita, demand was certainly high as a steady stream of people came through the theater before the first showing.

Nationwide, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is expected to earn $200 million at the box office by the end of the weekend in the United States. Ticket site Fandango announced this week that pre-sale tickets of The Last Jedi were the highest of any movie in 2017.

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