Woman says she faces criminal charges for rescuing starving dog

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A dog rescued in Scioto County, Ohio, was so emaciated that it lost half its body weight. The rescuer is now facing charges of theft and trespassing.

WCMH reports that Rhonda Rose works with the Scioto Area Humane Society and was charged with criminal trespass and petty theft in October after she rescued the dog, fed it, took it to the vet and called the Scioto County sheriff’s office for help.

“When I took the dog I took it to the vet and the vet verified it was starvation,” Rose said. "“I saw that it was dying and it wouldn’t have lasted a couple more days.”

She was in court this week, with more than a dozen supporters protesting her charges. The Scioto County Sheriff’s Office and The City Solicitor, their prosecutor, declined to discuss the ongoing investigation.

Ohio law does allow a person to enter and remove an animal if there are signs of neglect.

John Bell, Rose's attorney, said, “Even as a private citizen, Ms. Rose was within that statutory privilege in removing the animal she removed."

Rose believes she did the right thing.

“The dog is now in Kentucky on a 100-acre farm, gained weight. It weighed 61 pounds, it now weighs 120 pounds and is doing great."

Rose’s trial is set to begin on February 20.

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