Traffic accidents increase between holidays

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There is a slight increase in the number of car crashes from year to year and between holidays, from Nov. 23 to Jan. 1.

"Most crashes are avoidable. If they're staying off their cell phone, paying attention to their driving, doing the speed limit," said Sgt. Jim Krok, Wichita Police.

Data from the Wichita Police Department show that the total number of traffic accidents have increased from year to year. 

Total Number of Traffic Accidents
2017 (data only shows 1/1-11/28) 9,869
2016 11,450
2015 10,818
2014 10,338

Accidents between Thanksgiving and New Year (Nov. 23 to Jan. 1) are also on the rise.

Traffic Accidents from Thanksgiving to New Year
2017 (data only shows 11/23-11/28) 89
2016 1,297
2015 1,171
2014 994

"I hope I don't have to see any at this intersection (21st and Rock Road). When you see a wreck, you feel that kind of pit in your heart. You're just like 'Ah, I hope everyone's okay,'" said Carlos De Los Santos, Sleep Number professional.

Between Nov. 23 and 28, police responded to two accidents at the intersection of 21st and Rock Road. 

For the last three years, Kellogg has seen the most accidents between holidays.

"Most car accidents, generally around the city, are pretty minor. But the higher speed crashes on Kellogg and stuff, they can reduce a lot of risk by wearing their seat belts," said Krok.

During the “Thanksgiving Safe Arrival” Step grant activation, the four police bureaus used a total of 133.75 hours to enforce traffic laws. They stopped 270 vehicles, issued 399 citations, which included the following: 281 seat belt violations, 2 texting while driving violations, 5 speeding violations, 2 possession of marijuana cases, and 109 other violations.  

Citations for texting while driving and inattentive driving carry a fine of $131.50 in the City of Wichita.

To view a list of moving violations fines and costs, click here

Top Accident Intersections Between Thanksgiving and New Year

2017 (data only shows 11/23-11/28) 21st/Rock Rd (2 accidents)

Kellogg/Broadway (9 accidents)

21st/Rock Rd (7 accidents)

Kellogg/Main (7 accidents)

13th/Rock Rd (6 accidents)

21st/Maize (6 accidents)


Kellogg/Webb (10 accidents)

Kellogg/I-235 (9 accidents)

Kellogg/Rock Rd (9 accidents)

21st/Maize (9 accidents)

Kellogg/Hillside (8 accidents)


Kellogg/Seneca (8 accidents)

Harry/Webb (7 accidents)

Kellogg/Main (7 accidents)

32nd/Rock Rd (6 accidents)

Kellogg/Woodlawn (6 accidents)

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