Dog back in Wichita after traveling 1,200 miles from home

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Zach Holt drives Zimba from Maryland to Wichita, KS. Zach Holt drives Zimba from Maryland to Wichita, KS.

A dog found thousands of miles away is finally back home in Wichita.

Ikea Mosley and her dog Zimba reunited after three months apart, thanks to a man from Maryland man on a mission to bring cheer to Mosley's family.

Zimba was with Mosley's now ex-boyfriend in Maryland. She says she'd been trying to get her dog back. In late November, a stranger found Zimba after ending up at the Caroline County Humane Society.

Zimba has a microchip and it was immediately noted he was 1,400 miles away from home.

"Micro chip came right back to Wichita, Kansas," Zach Holt said.

Holt hopped in his car in Maryland and volunteered to give Zimba a free ride home.

He documented the journey on Facebook and the two gained publicity along way. He and Zimba drove straight to Wichita, only taking a few breaks.

After spending 26 hours in Holt's Volkswagen Jetta, the two created a special bond, but Holt says he's proud to play his part in bringing Mosley some joy again.

"It's worth it. Well worth it," Holt said.

"I'm very truly blessed that Zach brought him back to me," Mosley said.

Many people helped donate to pay for Holt's trip to Wichita.  Holt and Mosley both stress the importance of micro-chipping your pets.

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