Business owner has trailer stolen, urges people to invest in good locks

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On most days, you'll find Jason Gordon with tools in hand. He's a general contractor who specializes in cabinetry and usually has a trailer at his job sites.

He was working in west Wichita over the weekend and left his trailer there at the site. On Monday, the trailer was gone.

He said, "We have video footage of the individual and it has been delivered to the cops."

In the video Gordon gave to KAKE News, you can see a man checking out the trailer. The man can be seen walking around the trailer, and he stays behind the trailer for a number of minutes. In photos you can see a vehicle pull up to the trailer before it was taken.

Gordon said, "We lost a full trailer with well over $10,000. Someone had come in really early and had stolen the trailer from the site."

The trailer was recovered Tuesday, but all of its contents are gone.

Gordon said, "It was tools that I had accumulated for 10 years in business and tools before I went into business. There were a lot of things that I had built and paid for."

Gordon recommends those who are contractors and own trailers to invest in good locks. He believes that could have hindered the thief in his case, "I would say check the quality of your locks. I had hitch locks, I had regular locks. This lock I had was aluminum and he had it off in about a minute and half."

Wichita Police say there have been 12 trailers stolen since October.

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