Dog from Wichita heading home after being found in Maryland

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A dog that was found in Maryland late last month is on his way back to his Wichita home more than 1,300 miles away.

The Caroline Humane Society posted a picture of an "older, very thin, super sweet" pit bull on November 25. No one claimed him, but he had been microchipped and was traced back to Wichita. 

The humane society got in touch with the dog's owner and was thrilled to hear he was safe.

Here's how the dog, Zimba, got to Maryland in the first place, according to the humane society:

His (Zimba) mom's boyfriend left Kansas to come to Maryland for a brief stay with their dog. However while he was here, the couple broke up. And the "now ex-boyfriend" abandoned Zimba... that's his name we discovered.... He would not return her phone calls. Zimba's mom had been searching for Zimba and wanted him home. 

The Caroline Humane Society then faced the dilemma of how to get Zimba home. Airlines wouldn't work. Zimba's owner couldn't make the drive. The shelter from which Zimba was adopted didn't have a solution. 

Then Zimba's hero, a man named Zach who used to work for the Caroline Humane Society, stepped up and offered to drive Zimba. Their road trip began Tuesday, and Zach asks for nothing in return.

"Kind of like The Wizard of Oz story with Zimba playing the part of Dorothy...there's no place like home."

Anyone who wished to donate to help the Caroline Humane Society can do so via PayPal by visiting their website.

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