Iconic pie shop set to open in Park City

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While driving southbound on I-35, the signs are hard to miss. Next stop, fried pies. Now, a local couple is opening an Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pie shop in Park City, a first for Kansas.

The store is set to open later this month. Owners Herb and Amber Callender have been working around the clock to get the shop ready for business.

"People are like, 'Hey, quit playing around on Facebook and open the pie shop,' so we are now in a hurry to get this place open for everyone," Amber Callender said.

The Callenders purchased the franchise from the Tonkawa location, just south of the Oklahoma/Kansas border. he style of pies have been around since the late 1800s, first served to the ranchers in the fields of Oklahoma's Arbuckle Mountains.

Now, truckers and travelers will go out of their way to stop here. 

"I think it's a little old lady's recipe. You know, the crust doesn't have any glaze or anything on it but everything is sweet and it's sweet enough that you don't need anything extra, I don't think," Herb Callender said.

The new owners will be to be sticking to the original recipes.

"We'll have some meat pies, Tex-mex, sausage and potato, spinach and mushroom. We're toying around with doing the breakfast one's. Apple, cherry, blackberry, lemon, coconut, cream pies," Herb and Amber Callender said.

The Callenders say they are pushing for the new location to open before the holidays and will be located in Park City, on 61st Street near Hydraulic.

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