‘Welcome Home Brian’: Wichitans celebrate injured officer’s return

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After 10 months of hospital rooms and recovery centers, Wichita Police Officer Brian Arterburn returned home this week.

A large celebrate was on Wednesday when dozens of officers went to Wichita’s airport to greet his plane and escort him home. A second celebration of close friends and emergency responders greeted Arterburn Saturday afternoon.

“He is a great cop and we are proud of him, we are gathered here today so we can say welcome home and thank you,” said Wichita Police Detective David Nienstedt.

“One of my best days being a paramedic is when Brian got to return home,” said paramedic Kevin Lanternman.

Arterburn and his family say they are excited to have the ability to continue his recovery effort in Wichita.

“I just wanted to say thank you for showing up today...I want to thank the City of Wichita for being so supportive of me during the time I was gone and needed their help,” Officer Brian Arterburn said. “They let me know they were thinking of me and keeping me in their prayers, I want to thank them for that.”

Officer Arterburn was injured on the job in February when a man reported to be driving a stolen Chevrolet Tahoe hit the officer with the large SUV. More here

The Arterburn family is now asking for privacy as Officer Arterburn continues his recovery. 

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