Parents reminded to talk to children about stranger safety

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After two recent incidents involving attempted kidnappings, Wichita Police are informing parents how now is a good time to have a conversation with their kids how to handle a confrontation with a stranger.

"Teach them about safe places they can go. Teach them, obviously the younger children, who to call in an emergency. Notify, let them know that they can always go to a police officer or a firefighter,” Officer Charley Davidson said.

That advice comes after a reported kidnapping attempt of an 11-year old girl in Andover that turned out to be a false alarm. The second case involving a masked man in Hutchinson who tried to grab children walking home from school. Police are still investigating that case.

Students who walk home from school are reminded to stay aware of their surroundings, but some still don't like the idea of kids out in public without supervision.

"It scares me. You worry about the kids and you worry about making sure they're safe. You want to make sure they're connected with an adult,” said OK Elementary principal, Jamie Allison.

Allison says parents shouldn't wait to talk to their kids.

"Have the conversation now. Talk to them now. Talk to them about who they should be talking to and who they should not be talking to. Talk to them about what they should do if somebody strange comes up to them or if they see a car that they're not used to seeing,” said Allison.

That lesson can be especially important at crowded events where it's easy for kids to be separated from their parents.

"You want to make sure your kids are safe and that no one can just grab them because obviously that was part of our conversation prior to here- them paying attention to what I'm wearing in case we get separated,” parent Jade Smith said.

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