Governor Brownback says farewell, advocates new medical facility in Wichita

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Governor Sam Brownback spoke Friday at Wichita’s Pachyderm Club, reflecting on his career as Governor of Kansas and where he wants to see the state.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Gov. Brownback said to his supporters at the meeting. “I cannot comment on Wichita without recognizing your amazing work on the pro-life movement in this nation and world.”

Brownback is awaiting confirmation from the U.S. Senate for a position titled the Ambassador of International Religious Liberty; the governor says the position was created in 1997.

“What it advocates for is religious freedom for everyone around the world,” Governor Brownback said. He is hopeful his confirmation will happen soon, but could not say much more than Senate hearings can take a long time as for why he has not already been appointed to the position.

Brownback says that both his critics and supports can agree that his move to the ambassadorship is a good choice.

“Well, I think it is one that everyone can agree on -- that we are entitled to do with our own souls what we choose and that is what I will be advocating for around the world,” he said.

While speaking in Wichita, he mentioned his support for a new medical training facility.

“There is a real chance of Wichita being able to get a doctor of osteopathy school here,” Brownback said. He says there are no doctor of osteopathy schools in the state, adding that it would benefit the state and the City of Wichita is a lead candidate for locations.

“I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be here, and it would be a long-term, major contribution to this state and this community,” the governor said.

If Governor Brownback is confirmed, he would be leaving the state in the hands of Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer, which Brownback gave support of today.

“He is a smart guy, he is figuring it out on his own,” he said.

Brownback did say that he is leaving behind a few items that need to be addressed. Of which, he pointed out the school finance discussion and growing small businesses in the state.  

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