Ranzau calls O'Donnell a liar at commission meeting

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A discussion about re-instating  a county health surveyor position in the annual budget led to a fiery debate and accusations of lying during the Sedgwick County Commissioner’s Meeting Wednesday.

It came after Commissioner Michael O’Donnell switched his vote on the matter, now approving that the position to be restored. Two other commissioners also voted in favor of restoring the position, passing the issue 3-2.

Ranzau claims O’Donnell’s shift was political, and that he admitted it during a conversation in his office. “"Did you not stand in my office and tell me that yes, you're doing this because you're mad at me?" Ranzau asked O’Donnell directly during the meeting. “"Answer the question. You've said that I'm not telling the truth. Now answer the question," he continued.

Ranzau proceeded to call O’Donnell a liar and that he only changed his vote after becoming upset with Ranzau.

“Mr. O'Donnell is politically motivated. You will say and do anything it takes to make yourself look good. And I'm tired of it," he said.

O’Donnell said his decision to cut the position last year was the result of a meeting with Ranzau. When the position came up for debate again, he said that he’d met with various health professionals across the city that convinced him to change his mind.

“It's not very often politicians say that they were wrong, but I was wrong, for eliminating that position back in the budget process,” O’Donnell said.  “And so that's where I made a mistake.  I am not making this mistake today."

Ranzau didn’t believe him, and responded before the meeting moved on to other issues.

“It's inappropriate to use his position and to lie to the public the way he does is inappropriate. And someone needs to stand up to him,” Ranzau said.

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