History of domestic violence calls at home where murder victim found

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Aaron Suiter (left) and Bryena Mcquitty Aaron Suiter (left) and Bryena Mcquitty

On Saturday morning 25-year-old Bryena Mcquitty was found dead in at a home in the Riverside area. It wasn't the first time police had been there.

Wichita police say there were five calls to the home since 2015, including the homicide. It's something that bothers Keri McGregor with Harbor House.

"I am surprised to hear that this most recent incident there were that many calls and it just shows that there is a history of violence and how quickly it can escalate into something that is fatal," said McGregor. 

Mcquitty's boyfriend was arrested in her death. It's the 8th time in Wichita this year that domestic violence has claimed a woman's life. 

"Last year, I didn't think it could get any higher and then this year it just continues to grow," said McGregor. 

So why do victims stay? McGregor says, in some cases, leaving can be even more dangerous. 

"It's not as easy as just leaving and so I think the stigmas that are attached to it make it harder for people to leave because they are afraid to come forward," said McGregor.

Each month, Harbor House helps as many as they can, but they simply cannot help everyone. 

"We typically turn away 75 to 90 people a month," said McGregor. 

McGregor says it's important that the community helps each other. 

"Clearly somebody nearby has heard something or seen something and just kind of opening up their arms in a safe way cause they don't want to put themselves in danger to help give somebody the ability to know that there is help out there."

McQuitty's boyfriend Aaron Suiter was booked into the Sedgwick County Jail on Sunday for second-degree murder. Kansas Department of Corrections records show Suiter served time on probation for drug convictions.

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