Rural home burglary has neighborhood worried

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A brazen burglary at  a rural home in Cowley County has a neighborhood worried for their safety.

One woman was away from her home only a few hours when thieves struck and why she was away makes the loss even more heartbreaking. Wanda Schwintz returned to her rural Cowley County home with her family on Sunday to make a startling discovery. 

"I said look the windows broke. I wonder how the window got broke," said Schwintz. 

The burglars ransacked the bedrooms, pulling things out of drawers and making off with items that have priceless value. 

"They were here, they took every drawer out turned it upside down and it looks like a tornado," said Schwintz. 

The money from her money tree 11 years ago had never been touched. 

"The money was still on they did take the time to untie each bow to get the money that was there," said Schwintz. 

Other missing items include a family coin collection and jewelry, but the real heart breaker, she was gone only hours, attending her late husband's funeral.

"I think I was just kind of numb maybe, he died November the 10th. It's been a long hard week," said Schwintz. "I wasn't really scared even right then, I got scared later."

Schwintz is not only mourning the loss of her husband but also her sense of security. 

"I don't want this to happen to anybody else and I understand this is a time of year when this does happen and I'd hate for anyone else to go through it," said Schwintz. 

Schwintz does believe that her home was targeted by someone who knew that she and her neighbors would at her husband's funeral. If anyone knows anything you asked to call the Cowley County Sheriff's Office. 

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