Thanksgiving's meaning according to 2nd graders

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A topic at many American homes is what Thanksgiving means, but to children that meaning can be skewed a little bit.

KAKE News went to Wheatland Elementary School in Valley Center and spoke to several second-graders about the meaning of Thanksgiving and its origins.

“I think it was the first Thanksgiving when the pilgrims and Indians came together and celebrated,” said Lily Evbanks.

“I'm pretty sure something happened and they started having turkey for Thanksgiving,” said John Pena.

Very quickly, the interview was derailed, the class talking about their favorite foods.

“Oh yeah, its good stuff,” Emmett Geddes proclaimed of his favorite food, the Thanksgiving turkey.

“[Ham is] one of my favorite meats,” said Jendie Stevens.

Other students like Allie Coffman say spending time with family is fun.

“You get to see family you haven't seen in a long time,” Coffman said

The group had a collective yes when asked ‘are you excited to get out of school”.

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