Need for coats high in Wichita

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The Salvation Army in Wichita gives out hundreds of coats every year to people in need, but this year they have run out of several sizes of coats and are asking for donations.

Jill Skaggs of the Salvation Army says donations are down this year. So far, she estimates the Salvation Army gave away over 1,000 coats.

“Our goal is for people to function in the community and stay warm,” Skaggs said. “I have about 13 people on a list that have already been here trying to find a coat and they couldn't find their size.”

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The Salvation Army is in need of jackets for children and adult jackets size 2X and larger.

“The need is great in Wichita,” Skaggs said.

The Salvation Army prefers to take in new jackets from donors, but the organization will accept used jackets that are in good condition. Donations can be brought into the Salvation Army building at 350 North Market in Wichita.

Many of the people coming to get a jacket from the Salvation Army are in financial situations that make getting by day-to-day difficult.

“It’s the only place I can go and get a coat without having to fork over a lot of money, because that is the one thing I don’t got,” said Melody Hooper. She and her son were waiting in line to get a jacket, hoping they had one in each of their sizes.

Skaggs says that several churches and schools are stepping up too, asking for donations on behalf of the Salvation Army.

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