3-year-old excitedly greets brother returning from school in heartwarming video

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A brother and sister who used to fight constantly are now inseparable.

Ava and Tariq Jackson's mother, Verlonda Jackson, captured the heartwarming moment when the two reunited after school on Monday. A video of 3-year-old Ava excitedly greeting her older brother, 5-year-old Tariq, has gotten attention on Instagram, with more than 26,000 views.

Jackson, a mother of three, told ABC News she pulled out her phone to capture the sibling love to show to her husband. It's because her two eldest children used to bicker a lot.

PHOTO: Tariq, 5, and Ava Jackson, 3, of Yardley, Pennsylvania have gone viral on Instagram thanks to their sibling bong captured in a heartwarming video. (Verlonda Jackson)

But when Tariq enrolled in kindergarten this year, the siblings' bond strengthened. In fact, on Monday when Tariq came home from school, his younger sister "flew out of the house" to greet him, their mother said.

"So I pulled out my phone to show my husband, 'Look, we're doing something right," she explained. "It was such a pure moment."