'What were you wearing?' exhibit raises awareness of sexual assault

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A new art exhibit at Friends University is raising awareness of sexual assault. "What were you wearing?" displays clothes that may look ordinary, but each outfit in the exhibit was worn by a victim. 

"It isn't about outfit. It's not about lust and desire or anything like that," said Jeremy Lyne, adjunct psychology professor. "It's about power. In these kinds of situations, that's what it's all about."

Most people walked away with the same impression. The clothes looked ordinary. The victims are women, men and children, showing that sexual assault could happen to anyone. 

"As I was walking through, I was thinking I know people that have things similar to that," said Friends student Zeek Craven. "Or I myself have worn things that are similar to that."

Organizers say instead of posting pictures of the victims and their stories, showing the clothes they were wearing makes it more relatable to visitors. 

Friends student Casey Stewart said. "I think it's become more emotional than we thought it was going to be. A lot of people are really kind of opening up and realizing that this is something that occurs more often than we think."

One stigma of sexual assault victims is that victims are often blamed for their clothing choice. The exhibit shows just the opposite.

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