Gas Prices Spike before Thanksgiving


If your Thanksgiving plans include driving to see family you should expect to pay a few more dollars to fill your gas tank. 

"It's a little steep," Karen Heller said. 

Karen Heller fills up her gas tank usually once a week and when prices are down she says it could even be longer, but when she filled up Monday she noticed she was paying more.  

"It's gone up 20 cents maybe?" Heller said.

Heller, is just one of many Americans planning on driving long distance for the Thanksgiving holiday. Triple A spokesperson Shawn Steward said it's is a big reason gasoline prices have risen nationwide.  

"The prices are driven by demand. As more people are out driving, retailers and oil companies are going to raise the prices accordingly," Steward said. 

Steward said gas prices usually fall back in the fall, but not this year. Over the past weeks the state average has been $2.40. Compared to last year when the statewide average was $1.95

Kansans might feel the affects, but the prices still are lower than other areas. 

"Kansas is the 12th cheapest gas prices in the country," Steward said. 

Steward said it's hard to tell what the prices will look like closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, but Heller said it's likely she'll have to fill up again and isn't looking forward to another jump. "Not if it's going to go up again." 

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